Carrie Fisher returns for Celebration VI

Well, they promised us Celebration announcements, are here they are: Carrie Fisher will be back for her third appearance at the con. Also confirmed: Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan, along with the news that this year’s art helmet will be Fett’s. And another Clone Wars guest, CG Supervisor Joel Aron, who will teach “master class sessions” in the lecture hall.

And, of course, to bring us the ‘no duh’ component, the family room will return.

Of a bit more interest is the fan table lineup. I’m not surprised by the amount of costume clubs, but I am a little sad that Wookieepedia is the only straight-up fansite. But then again, all us fansite folks are going to way too busy covering stuff to sit around manning tables..

3 Replies to “Carrie Fisher returns for Celebration VI”

  1. If my previous experiences are the rule, I now know what I’ll be doomed to have no chance of seeing at CVI… *lol* Nah, I’ll be optimistic :)

  2. fansite =/= fan club

    not only will the fansites be more trying to cover the event than promote themselves at the event, they typically don’t have the staffing numbers that a club has to even consider keeping a table staffed for a con.

    fansites should have happy hours!

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