Captain America to challenge Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in 2016

Captain America to challenge Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Yes Marvel and DC movies will face off directly at the box office on May 6, 2016 with the third Captain America film and the Man of Steel sequel both opening the same weekend. Is Marvel’s head start and higher quality enough to take down DC’s three biggest names? All I know is that I’ll probably be seeing the one that’s not directed by Zack Snyder first.

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  1. I think this is probably a mistake for the Captain’s crew. We’ve seen movies with him before.

    But a Superman + Batman + Wonder Woman movie? Wow. Could surpass the Avengers’ box office.

    1. We’ve seen plenty of RDJ, but Iron Man 3 still knocked Man of Steel out of the park.

      Plus MoS was… Not so great. I mean, it still did very well, but meh. They have an untested Batman. (Batfleck!) And poor Wonder Woman; she deserves better than Zack Snyder. Maybe they should talk to some Hunger Games people for her solo outing.

      The Marvel films have been consistently good and lack DC’s baggage of previous actors and directions. I suspect a lot depends on what Avengers 2 does in 2015 and where that leaves Cap, though.

      DC may have the biggest names in superheroes, but don’t underestimate Marvel’s track record. It’s at the very least a fair fight.

  2. Given the recent run of quality from Marvel and the fact this is post Avengers 2 (and Marvel is thrilled with Cap 2) PLUS this is a bit like pitting a saga episode vs a standalone film…Marvel can’t lose here. Great bit of programming

  3. If the Superman/Batman thing is equally as depressing as Man of Steel, it won’t surpass anything (nor should it). I mean, seriously: Superman lays waste to Metropolis and murders his adversary? Who wants to see that?
    I bet that in second one Superman will kill Batman, and Wonder Woman will start a vendetta against him which then leads to part 3, Superman vs. Wonder Woman, wherein Wonder Woman lassos Superman into the sun, whilst destroying a couple more cities…
    And in the end, Marvel will inherit the earth.

    1. My theory is that the reason for all the destruction in Man of Steel is to give Lex Luthor some actual motivation for hating Superman, which the previous movies kind of struggled with. They still didn’t have to go as over-the-top with it as they did, but… Zack Snyder. Sigh.

      But yeah, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman, or whatever they end up calling it.

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