Can you go there?

Ryan Gosling? Rosario Dawson? Vince Vaughn? Cinematical is re-casting Star Wars, so now is the time for those psycho raving fans we love so dearly* to run over and tell them how very, very wrong they are.

Although Morgan Freeman would make an awesome Obi-Wan…

* Or not.

2 Replies to “Can you go there?”

  1. Morgan Freeman? Definitely a wonderful Obi-Wan. Rosario Dawson? I could see her as Leia. I think we could even have fun with Christopher Walken in the Palpy role.

    But I don’t see Ryan Gosling for Luke (more Han, really) and especially not Vince Vaughn. Eeuw.

    Just eeuw.

    And I guess I’m showing my psycho raving fan side here….

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