Can open, worms everywhere

News of the self-publishing fanfic writer Lori Jareo has spread. Behold, the power of the internet:

John Scalzi: The 2006 Stupidest FanFic Writer Award Gets Retired Early. Don’t miss this one.

Lee Goldberg: No HOPE for this Fanficcer. Goldberg is rather infamous for being outspoken against fanfic, but this is one case where both sides can agree.

And… you knew it was coming…
Fandom Wank: The wank is strong in this one.

More to come? I’d bet on it.

4 Replies to “Can open, worms everywhere”

  1. Ah, Scalzi. I haven’t read his entry yet, but knowing him, it’s going to be fun, won’t it?

  2. (Also, I wonder if it will hit Making Light. It’s sort of kind of their fare, and they read Scalzi, and can write very entertainingly about such things.

  3. John Scalzi is taking bets that this thing is pulled by noon, Pacific time Monday. No copyright litigator worth his or her $525 billable rate per hour should take that long. I give it until close of business today. If not sooner.

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