Bundle up for tonight’s Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: Trespass

It’s Friday, and ‘Trespass’ debuts tonight. The episode introduces Chairman Chi Cho, voiced by Brian George, and also features quite a bit of Threepio. Get a preview with the latest webcomic, ‘Cold Snap’

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  1. Trespass was quite good from a story perspective, and the action was good. Does it squish the EU? perhaps – the Talz in this episode don’t sound much like Muftak in the cantina (or relate to his Tale). and the issues of iceball ecology persist.

  2. I’m no Talz expert, so I won’t comment on that except to say that someone’ll come up with a retcon I’m satisfied with. :) Now, three things.

    1. I was going to comment on the episode guide, but… well… wow. 56 comments and counting. jawajames, a quick skim suggests your spelling, grammar, coherence, and thoughtfulness might’ve put you in the minority.

    2. The last two episodes received some criticism for what some saw as a “boo pacifism, yay war” approach. But I took it as more of a suggestion that sometimes there *are* evils you *must* confront. This one served as a nice counterpart. It’s not that war automatically trumps peace. You have to be rational about it. So Trespass gives up what would’ve been a pretty cool final battle to promote a message of peace. See, it’s not shallow! Nice. :)

    3. I haven’t seen as much politics in Star Wars since Episode I. And I kind of like it.

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