Brief blurb for Zahn’s upcoming Han Solo novel

Knights Archive spotted that the Random House fall catalog is out, and it contains a listing for Timothy Zahn’s yet-untitled Han Solo novel – with a small blurb that gives a few more plot details:

The Death Star has just been destroyed and Han Solo still needs the money to pay off the bounty on his head. Now the opportunity to make that money and then some has walked into his life in the form of the perfect heist. With nine like-minded scoundrels, he and Chewbacca just might be able to pull it off and live to tell the tale!

The listing also mentions a wraparound cover featuring the eleven (ha) scoundrels, and calls it the “perfect” entry for casual fans.

(Also, we now have a tag for the book. It’ll change when we get an actual title, but thanks to ‏for the MUPPETS suggestion.)

Also in the catalog was an entry for Drew Karpyshyn’s The Old Republic: Annihilation, but no new details.

And here a few other entries that might also be of interest: The Lands of Ice and Fire, a map book to the world of ASoIaF and Game of Thrones, and Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st Century Families, from the folks who produce the blog.

7 Replies to “Brief blurb for Zahn’s upcoming Han Solo novel”

  1. Er. If the Death Star’s just been destroyed, then Solo *has* the money to pay off Jabba. The Rebels just gave it to him! He doesn’t get around to doing it before TESB, and the Marvel Comics siphon it away; but going by the blurb, that shouldn’t yet be an issue.

  2. I’m hoping for some of the guys from the Han Solo books and Dark Empire. Salla Zend, Shug Ninx, maybe Doc and Jessa. Mirax would be great, too. Maybe Booster as well. A pre-Jabba Talon Karrde? No, wait, they didn’t know each other pre-HOTE, right? Continuity confuses me. ;)

  3. just because they haven’t met doesn’t mean that they can’t interact with each other without meeting. see Choices of One.

  4. This just sounds like Ocean’s 11 with Han Solo. Nothing Zahn does interests me anymore, the last few books he’s done have been average at best.

    Maybe write something in the current timeline? Maybe an unpopular opinion but I’m done with the movie era. Old Republic or Galactic Alliance please!

  5. “This just sounds like Ocean’s 11 with Han Solo.”

    Yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be. :)

    And Zahn won’t write in the Legacy era, for obvious reasons. Can’t say I blame him.

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