Brenda Chapman leaves Pixar for Lucasfilm

The original director of Brave, Brenda Chapman has left Pixar for Lucasfilm. She’ll be consulting in the animation department on “something new.” Is it something as obvious as the Seth Green comedy project, or something else we haven’t heard about yet? After all, LucasFilm Animation “is also focusing efforts on feature film animation and other new intellectual properties.”

Chapman has an impressive resume. She has writing credits not only on Brave, but Disney’s The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, as well as directing The Prince of Egypt for Dreamworks – the first American woman to direct an animated feature film from a major studio, according to IMDB. Learn more about her career and Brave in an interview she did with Pixar Portal last year.

Whatever Lucasfilm has brewing, Chapman certainly has the chops!

3 Replies to “Brenda Chapman leaves Pixar for Lucasfilm”

  1. Bravo, Brenda!

    It’s about time you escaped the ridiculous clutches of John (Sexist) Lasseter.

    Note to Lasseter: you’re a hypocrite for claiming that Pixar is a “director oriented” studio; your leadership in the deplorable Cars and Cars 2 films has me convinced that Brenda Chapman is as good a director as you are.

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