Book review roundup: Karen Miller’s Wild Space makes the Livejournalers squee

The Clone Wars: Wild SpaceAbout a month ago, Karen Miller’s first Star Wars novel was released. It’s been getting a surprising amount of of lip service in fandom lately, and I wasn’t sure why until I read a couple of reviews on LiveJournal – not exactly the hot spot for EU meta these days.

But no, right there in Jedi News, four reviews in little over a week, and two of them (Calmer-Sky and Senatorsfan-Ink) are so enthusiastic you’ll need a squeegee afterwards. Meanwhile, LazyPadawan enjoyed it but has a much different perspective on the book’s (dare I say?) fan service, while JawaStew takes a balanced tone.

Another surprise came off-LJ – a review of the book at io9 by Charlie Jane Anders, their first for Star Wars fiction. With the catchy title of ‘At Last, A Book That Explains Why Obi-Wan Is Such A Dick,‘ it’s easy to see why this post has a whopping 14,407 views as I type this.

And lest you doubt, the numbers at the highly-critical Jedi Council review thread look pretty good as well: An average of 8.08 out of 10.

With my chronic case of Clone Wars apathy, I’m still not too tempted to pick this up myself, but maybe… At the library. If I see it. Those who have read it, what do you think?

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  1. When Miller dedicated the book to McGregor, I almost groaned. Not because I don’t like him (omg I LOVE HIM), but because I thought it was going to turn into an Obi-fest with naked and energetic dancing. He was only half naked, but she did torture the hell out of him both physically and emotionally. And if that isn’t enough to pull the heartstrings of McGregor fans worldwide, I don’t know what is. At least I was forewarned!

  2. <>

    I have yet to watch an episode of the series or the apparently awful movie, but you had me at “half naked.” Sold!

  3. OK, I don’t know what happened to the HTML there, but obviously I meant to quote Jawastew!

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