Blurbs times two: Vortex and Visions

Ewan of spotted the blurb for Denning’s Fate of the Jedi: Vortex in the Random House Fall catalog. It’s somewhat spoilery, so highlight to read:

In Book Six of the bestselling nine-book Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series, the suspense crescendoes as the Skywalkers and their treacherous Sith allies race against time to discover the origins of the mysterious Force-entity known as Abeloth. When they begin to uncover secrets better kept hidden from mortal minds, no one is surprised to see the uneasy partnership erupt into violence. But they are surprised at where the investigation leads: to the home of the reclusive Fallanassi, who may hold in their hands the future of the Jedi Order itself.

Also appearing in the catalog are The Force Unleashed II (Pencil in November 2010 for the game and October 5 for the book;) and a first look at the cover art for Bonnie Burton’s craft book. (Two words: Lightsaber scissors.)

We’re also finally getting the skinny on Visions, with thanks to Eddie. Blurbs have appeared on both the regular and deluxe editions on Amazon. Here’s what the regular has to say:

Star Wars Visions collects a wealth of art – hand-picked by George Lucas – produced by a variety of artists, illustrators, designers and cartoonists, working across all genres and styles to celebrate their favourite characters, themes, worlds and moments from the Star Wars Universe. The full list of contributors is to be released incrimentally over the 6 months leading up to publication, with sneak previews, on

The deluxe blurb gives a list of artists, and the information that it will come with 50 additional “paintings and illustrations,” which is just mean. But such is life.

And while we’re on the subject, President Obama bought a copy of Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy in Iowa City today as a gift for the son of press secretary Robert Gibbs. Hat-tip to reader Greg for the photo link!

4 Replies to “Blurbs times two: Vortex and Visions

  1. I’m really looking forward to visions. It sounds quite promising, especially after we saw the ‘Battle of Kothlis’ picture a few weeks ago. Hopefully we’ll get more EU inspired paintings in it.

  2. Very much looking forward to Visions! I’m incredibly tempted by the deluxe version, but at 10 times the price….eesh. Dunno if ye olde budget can support that.

  3. Oh, Acme. You are SO friggin’ expensive!!

    You do get a lot for the deluxe edition with 50 additional pages, a shell and five prints. But still. That’s just a lot of money.

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