Blurb gives us first hints at Corey’s Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among ThievesRandom House has posted a short blurb for James S.A. Corey’s Honor Among Thieves.

When a rebel spy needs extraction from under the nose of the Empire, who better to send than master smuggler, Han Solo? But rescuing a friendly spy is just the start of a wild adventure as the intel the spy uncovers leads Han and Leia to an ancient and deadly secret that threatens to be the Empire’s ultimate-and likely successful-weapon against the Rebel Alliance. Add in the chance to lose Luke Skywalker to this horrific threat, and Han and Chewbacca may have finally met a trap even they can’t escape…

The book, second in the loosely-connected Empire and Rebellion series, is currently scheduled for a hardcover release in March. The first, Martha Wells’ Razor’s Edge, is out September 24. (via)

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  1. I think he only has business cards for Jenos Idanian. ;-)

    @story: Horrific threats, traps, rescue missions… So far this book doesn’t sound particularly inspired. Then again, a blurb for the great old Brian Daley adventures would probably read just the same. :-)

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