Beru masters the double axle

Bonnie and Pablo get their funny on with the ten least likely Unleashed figures.

4 Replies to “Beru masters the double axle”

  1. It’s a punchy day. The front door to has 1) one of drawings 2) a Pat Benatar reference and 3) a picture of my cat.


  2. This is brilliant! I love the fact that Pablo slipped in “Janu Godalhi,” although the mouse droid sporting the Eweb is pretty fierce.

  3. Well actually I thought up and wrote the piece, so don’t blame Pabs for the Janu Godalhi reference. I was just kissing up. ;-)

    I’ll always think of Pablo as a Ralph McQuarrie to my weird ideas.

    I really hope Hasbro sees this.

  4. thumbs up! i love both the wacky descriptions and the awesome sketches – that one of Jocasta Nu is teh winner! or maybe GONK is..

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