Belgian chain to offer scary-looking Star Wars burgers

A Belgian fast food chain, Quick, will be offering several Star Wars themed burgers to tie into The Phantom Menace rerelease. They do not look all that appetizing, but if you happen to be in France or Belgium for the month of February, you can go ahead and give them a try. Or not.

5 Replies to “Belgian chain to offer scary-looking Star Wars burgers”

  1. Quick is a master of dyed buns. when i was in france in 2007, they had a Simpsons burger, which was Simpsons yellow. i ate one.

    i am more concerned about that stuff on the jedi burger…

  2. The stuff on top? Some kind of pre-formed mozzarella, maybe? It reminds me of string cheese.

    I find it odd that the Vader burger has more veggies on it than the Jedi one.

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