Behind the Brick Wall…

J.K. Rowling claims the previous title leak for the next Harry Potter was placed by a hacker, and reveals the ‘real’ title. The fandom jury is out on whether it’s a fake or not, as it was apparently a working title for one of the earlier volumes.

ETA: And it’s true. I’ll keep my eye out for some good Livejournal speculation.

3 Replies to “Behind the Brick Wall…”

  1. Woo hoo! A new title can mean only one thing:

    Three years until we get the next book!

    Here’s hoping she gets it down more quickly than the last one.

  2. Well, she did have writer’s block and a baby while writing OOtP… All reports have this one going faster.

  3. It all depends on which news account you read. Some say she’s going faster. Some say she’s going slower. All she says is some vague statement about not being done yet.

    I don’t think I could wait three years! And there’s definitely no way for the current cast of kids in the movies to keep with it, even if they wanted to at that rate.

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