Been there, seen that?

More theories on Revenge of the Sith‘s Oscar snub from Steve Pond of the Los Angeles Times.

2 Replies to “Been there, seen that?”

  1. I didn’t realize this was really worthy of wonder and theory-making. The new trilogy is certainly pretty as hell, but is their use of effects well done or just over-saturated?

    I’m a fan of considering an effects award for any movie as going to the effects studio that created it. With that in mind, ILM is losing nothing by not having Revenge nominated.

  2. Well, honestly this entire subject just makes my eyes roll, but it’s news, so…

    ILM has plenty of Oscars – everyone knows they’re the best in the business. I think it says volumes that all of the nominees use SFX in a more ‘realistic’ enviroment. I mean, General Grevious is impressive, but he’s so far removed from ‘real’ that there’s no real frame of reference, as opposed to what we see in King Kong and Narnia. (Haven’t seen WotW.) Talking beavers may be underwhelming on the large scale, but they’re still some damn realistic-looking beavers. Though I think Kong will probably end up with the Oscar.

    Honestly, the only ‘snub’ I can really get is the lack of a costume nom. And even there I’m not sure how impressed I am by ROTS.

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