Barbie expands her horizons as ghost, alien Empress

Just in time for Halloween, io9 spotted these unique and kind of awesome collector Barbies: The Battlefield-Earth-meets-Poison-Ivy Empress of the Aliens and the ghostly Haunted Beauty. They’re both limited editions and clearly not for kids, though given some of the crazy expensive Star Wars stuff we’ve seen, $100 doesn’t seem all that steep. Or maybe that’s just the 8-year-old Barbie lover in me speaking.

Bree Brouwer blogged about another wacky sci-fi Barbie, Goddess of the Galaxy, who’s got a Lady Gaga/Elizabeth I vibe. Pretty nifty!

5 Replies to “Barbie expands her horizons as ghost, alien Empress”

  1. I like the Haunted Beauty one.

    The Empress of the Aliens reminds me of a costume from the Flash Gordon movie.

    But I’m impressed that they’ve gone this direction. Seems like it’s a new thing for the line.

  2. The Empress one looks kind of like a Sailor Moon villain. If it weren’t a collector’s edition, I’d contemplate purchasing it to build little Mara Jade costumes for, on account of the hair.

    But $100 is a little steep for that, and Barbie collectors would surely kill me in my sleep.

  3. Her hair is too dark for Mara, anyway. (Curses on various artists who mistake ‘magenta undertones’ for ‘red-gold.’) Though I’m sure they’ve used that color, or something similar, on a less collectible Barbie somewhere.

  4. The Haunted Beauty gives me the creeps. Dear parents: Do not, under any circumstances, give that thing to your children. Unless it’s a bright summer’s day. And they are already high on life or candy.

  5. Ooo…I hope these go on sale. I’m not the biggest Barbie collector, but I love the quirky ones. Not $100 worth of love…but I like the details on these. I think I would have loved the Haunted Beauty as a kid….

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