Back to basics with Lucasbook’s new youth project

I finally had a chance to catch up with my usual source the other day. S/he has proved a bit skittish on the classified information since last year blew up so spectacularly. (Rumor has it that someone close to George is a recovering Anita Blake addict, unknown to LucasBooks, and when the word of Jaded Conquest trickled up The Maker himself squashed the book.)

Luckily for all of us, this next project is a great deal more G-rated.

The Jar Jar Binks Mysteries were originally conceived and outlined just before The Phantom Menace – and shelved in the wake of the Jar Jar backlash. Additionally, the Jar Jar Mysteries are in the running for a Clone Wars spinoff. “Dave Filoni is pushing for Ahsoka to star, but George is very keen on Jar Jar,” my source says.

22 Replies to “Back to basics with Lucasbook’s new youth project”

  1. As a lover of detective fiction, I wholeheartedly endorse the direction Lucasbooks is taking with this project. FINALLY, a book for everyone!

  2. I had so hoped for the full Young Indy treatment for Jar Jar, but a mystery series is even better! Sounds bombad!

  3. Yayyyyyyyy! I know so many kids who want more more more Jar Jar, so I’m thrilled. And I’m so happy to hear he might feature in a TV series. Meesa thrilled!

  4. A person ought to be warned when their keyboard might be in danger of an intimate meeting with their beverage, you know.

  5. I hope this book series does well, and a new line of Jar Jar toys gets released! I’ve just about worn out my old ones.

  6. Yay! I’m also happy to see new mysteries, but I really love the idea of giving Jar Jar a platform to grow as a character. His best lines were cut from Episode I, you know.

  7. Pretty awesome, but I was looking forward to Jaded Conquest more. I guess the dream is over.

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