Back on TV this weekend: Doctor Who, The Venture Brothers special

Just a reminder that Doctor Who returns this Saturday, with a look at a classic time travel trope in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. This start to the second half of the season is followed by the last ‘Doctor Who: Best of’ show: ‘Best of the Companions’. Check out this exclusive sneak peek of the new episode, or, if you’re not caught up on Series 6 yet, BBC America will be doing a marathon of the first half of the series before the new episode at 9 PM.

Also, in news that may only be exciting to Dunc and myself, The Venture Brothers returns on midnight on Sunday, August 28 with a special mockumentary on Hank’s band: From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story. The new 15-minute episode follows a VB marathon starting at 9:30 on [adult swim]. Crave more gravy? Get more info on Shallow Gravy EP from Amazon and iTunes. Go Team Venture!

4 Replies to “Back on TV this weekend: Doctor Who, The Venture Brothers special”

  1. I remember being all excited for the Venture Brother panel at my first D*C – I even skipped a Zahn panel! – and being shocked that none of the other CJers there had even heard of it.

  2. we tried to introduce the Ventures to some of the CJ’ers in our area but i don’t think it took. maybe we should pick out some of our favorite episodes for a jadecon showing.

  3. And the thing is that Venture only gets better. Season one was funny but but season three is was just OMG levels. How anyone can NOT get into Brock Samson and H.E.L.P.eR I really don’t know. And I am such a Doctor Orpheus fan it’s sad. My husband, of course, thinks Dr. Girlfriend is awesome and I should cosplay her. I explained I will only do the pill-box hat version and that Mrs. Dr. Girlfriend is right out. I just don’t have that kind of bod anymore.

    You guys should totally try to hook JCers on it!

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