Movie News

Filming starts on Peter Jackson’s King Kong next week.

John Rhys-Davies (Sallah) talks about the fourth Indiana Jones movie, says that Lucas wants to take another pass at the script. George Lucas? Script? Always an, erm, hopeful sign.

Narnia Fans has a copy of the press release with all the details on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

There’s another Highlander movie coming? Although this article from Movie Poop Shoot is about an animated feature, there’s also a bit about a fifth live action installment titled Highlander: The Source. Epp!

Speaking of live action, the film version of Aeon Flux has been shut down due to an injury to the star, Charlize Theron. Sounds like a good idea to me. The last time we had starlet + Oscar + action film, we got Catwoman.

Old Republic in 2006, Zahn in 2007…

A few interesting bits of news out of today… First up, news on hardcover novels due in 2006. The first, by James Luceno is a post-Episode III novel. Also due that year are two Old Republic novels by Elizabeth Hand and Drew Karpyshyn.

The most intriguing announcement, at least for Club Jaders, is a brand new book by Timothy Zahn set sometime between ANH and ROTJ fot 2007… Provided the Outbound Flight novel is still a go, that would make this his 8th Star Wars novel.

Fans of the message boards will also note that they’ve launched a regional section.

Star Wars Roll Call

Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa, AOTC & ROTS) has signed a development deal with ABC.

Author Kathy Tyers (Truce at Bakura, Balance Point) has rewritten and rereleased one of her early novels – Shivering World. Rambles has a review. Similar to her rewrite of the Firebird novels a few years back, it now features stronger faith themes and has been rereleased under a Christian fiction publisher.

There are several SW authors (Kevin J. Anderson, Terry Brooks, and Greg Keyes) doing signing and appearances within the next few months, according to Locus Online’s Author Event calendar. None of them are promoting Star Wars books, however. We don’t recommend going to KJA signings to heckle him, because from all accounts he’s actually a nice guy and will probably have enough trouble with the Dune fans.

But of course, the big even this month is DragonCon in Atlanta, with more guests that you can possibly meet. Notable SW personalities include Aaron Allston,

Clerks… again

Kevin Smith has annouced that he’s going to do a sequel to Clerks. What??

“It’s about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where it’s time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex,” Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. “It’s: What happened to these dudes?”

So… it’ll be a retail Office Space with more swearing?

Darksiders just wanna have fun

Let’s hear it for revenge!

Planning revenge sparks enough satisfaction to motivate getting even — and the amount of satisfaction actually predicts who will go to greater lengths to do so, report Swiss researchers who monitored people’s brain activity during an elaborate game of double-cross.