Ashley Eckstein talks Her Universe, Mara shirt

Jessica Johnson (@laregista) interviewed Ashley Eckstein at New York Comic Con. We can expect new items for Cyber Monday (the day after Thanksgiving – Santa Maul will be thrilled) and then again in March or April.

But the information most relevant to our specific interests is towards the end, where Jessica asks about the Mara Jade shirt. From the transcript:

J: I have to ask you this question because an onslaught of people are asking about it. What’s up with the Mara Jade tee, is it happening, is it not?

A: I kinda opened up my mouth too soon. It is going to happen. I don’t have a date for how soon yet. I still don’t have a design for it but I’m definitely talking to artists. It’s definitely going to happen I just don’t have a date. I kinda made it sound like it was happening tomorrow but I wish it was but it’s not. But hopefully, I would say next year I will push it forward so I will keep you updated. The second we start designing I will let the fans know.

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