Are the Angry Birds taking on Star Wars?

Finally, a Star Wars game I will actually play! It seems like there have been fan versions of this almost as long as we’ve had Angry Birds themselves…

Anyway, your confirmation: Their just-launched Tumblr posted the above GIF today, along with the following text:

Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST.

HINT: Head to Toys R Us at 8am EST!

Seeing as they have done film tie-ins and their latest game is space-themed, this isn’t unprecedented. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Fast Company has a few more details… For instance, Luke Skywalker will be replacing the game’s default Red Bird. Lucasfilm and Rovio will be releasing more tie ins – the article mentions toys, apparel, bedding and a Jenga-inspired board game – so don’t expect to get off easy, collectors. (via)

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