April Fools: More Star Wars prankage

Clearly, there is no keeping our sisters over at Club Obi-Wan down on this holiest of days. We do hope you’ll excuse the mess.

aprilfools-wook-logo.jpgWookieepedia uped their canon points by changing over to Aurebesh. Click the English link and you’re sent over to Darthipedia in sheep’s clothing.

Boing Boing TV has an exclusive interview with George Lucas about ‘The Boba Fett Mystique,’ his new line of bath products. Really? It’s Xeni Jardin dancing around to an elevator-music version of the Numa Numa song.

Moviehole.com brings us the news that Harrison Ford is returning as Han Solo in a new movie scripted by Carrie Fisher.

The 501st tease George Lucas’ “Project 4108.” TFN has a Indy IV in 3-D story, the ForceCast in Spanish, and… They linked us!

As for other favorites, Google teams up with Virgin for Virgle and ThinkGeek brings the world’s first USB pregnancy test. And of course, lots of rickrolling.

Got more? Link your favorite prank in the comments!

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