Another weekend, another con: Star Wars authors at Dragon*Con

Hot on the heels and six hours north of Celebration, Dragon*Con is being held in Atlanta. Tosche Station is there now, and Brian has recapped the Star Wars author panel held there yesterday. Attending were Aaron Allston, Timothy Zahn, Mike Stackpole and Kevin J. Anderson.

Also coming up Monday will be a Mercy Kill discussion with Allston.

3 Replies to “Another weekend, another con: Star Wars authors at Dragon*Con”

  1. Tosche_Station and StarWarsReport both did excellent jobs tweeting the Allston, Anderson, Stackpole, & Zahn panel in real time. Almost though not quite as good as being there myself!

  2. Was it awkward when he ebooks came up?

    And love love love the backdrop, believe it wa made by Paula?

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