More The Clone Wars clips: Ventress vs. Kenobi

Ventress battles Obi-Wan

Speak of the devil: IESB has a duel between Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan, along with several other new clips. Is “toss the skirt” the new “nuke the fridge?”

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  1. Actually, in defense of the whole “toss the skirt” thing, that move reminded me of a form of fencing with rapiers, involving a cloak. You can use the cloak as another weapon of sorts, blinding your opponent and making them off-balance if used correctly. (Sorry, been fencing for years, had to get my nerd out there. heh. )

    However, with lightsabers, like how Obi-Wan showed, you can easily cut through it. So I’m not entirely sure what the application was for it in the GFFA with the Force-users. ;)

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