Another rumor points towards a new unaltered original trilogy release on Blu-ray

rumors-swirl-sw-ootIt never takes much to set off rumors about a new release of the pre-Special Edition versions of the original trilogy, but today it’s apparently‘s turn. They have “two independent reliable sources” who say that Blu-ray versions of the unaltered original trilogy are in the works, and though the timeline of such a release is unsure due to the amount of work required, the plan is to have them out before Episode VII.

Late last month, a picture of Skywalker Sound folks apparently working on Return of the Jedi also fueled the ever-present hopes, while Bleeding Cool tweaked the rumor mill in May.

Versions of the pre-Special Edition films were available in a a limited edition 2006 DVD re-release, but they were straight rips from the old laserdisc versions.

Although plenty of folks get up in arms over this (on both sides!) I find it hard to deny that there actually is a demand for the unaltered versions of the film, if no other reason than the otherwise unremarkable news of the last Blu-ray release being our #1 most popular and searched-for post of 2013.

And while Disney would need to give up some cash to 20th Century Fox for this to happen (which, again, they did just last year) I’m sure the publicity benefits (and merchandise sales) would more than make up for it.

But, per always: It’s just a rumor, for now.

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  1. Depends on the pricing and the bonus features (unaltered or not, I still have the movies on DVD), but I’d definitely buy this the first chance I get.

    Assuming it’s real, that is.

  2. I still find this rumor to be iffy, even though I really, really want Lapti Nek and Yub Nub back. By all accounts, restoring the films to an “original” state will be a very expensive undertaking even before factoring in any negotiations with Fox about the rights.

    Also which unaltered version will they be? Star Wars without the “Episode IV: A New Hope” subtitle and undubbed Beru? Will we see the 70mm 0r the 35mm version of TESB? Not to mention the SE cleaning up of effects that didn’t really alter anything – Will we get all the matte artifacts and transparent cockpits? Which soundmixes will they use?

    1. People always ask this, and I would think the just pre-SE ’90s THX/Laserdisc version (versions?) are the most obvious choice.

      I wouldn’t mind the matte artifacts and such. It’s not like the SE changes hold up all that well at this point, or even back then. ::sideeyes digital Jabba::

      1. The CG in the SE’s look more dated now than the original FX did back in ’97, especially Tatooine and Bespin,

        Those THX revisions would be my choice as well, but those are most definitely not “unaltered” nor the “theatrical” versions.

  3. I will be very surprised if this actually comes to pass. But as I have done with every other version that’s been released, I’ll buy it. I’m kinda sick that way.

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