Another opportunity to help Aaron Allston (in Texas!)

Well, first off, Aaron has updated his Livejournal again with some details on his progress.

And as for the helping out part, there is now another event to help raise funds: The Fandom Association of Central Texas is holding a fundraiser and auction for the Aaron Allston Donation Fund next weekend. Don’t forget about the Indy Knights Breakfast during GenCon, or making a direct donation!

One Reply to “Another opportunity to help Aaron Allston (in Texas!)”

  1. Let’s all wish Aaron a speedy recovery and introduce him to the wonders of spices and other things that can help reduce your risk of a heart attack.

    Man, depending on how good his contract is, Aaron’s already got a good chunk of my money. X-wing, LOTF, FOTJ…And that’s just Star Wars.

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