Andy Serkis on if we’ll see Snoke again

Andy Serkis is making the rounds for Black Panther, but naturally /Film asked him about Snoke, and his reaction to the character’s death. Serkis plays it a little coy:

Look, it’s Star Wars, so you never know how life, or whether life can be come back to or not. Whether you can be resuscitated or brought back. I was shocked. Dramatically, it felt absolutely right for that moment in the film, so I didn’t question it. I just think it’s a very, very important scene, so I didn’t question it. But I do, I know it’s left fans feeling like, that they were really searching for something there. And what I’m saying is, who knows?

Now, the chances of Snoke pulling a Darth Maul are not very high – there were a lot of dead body shots in The Last Jedi – but as he says, it is Star Wars. We can’t quite rule out flashbacks, visions, Force ghosts (no matter what the concept art books says about this, nothing counts until it’s on screen) or even Dark Empire-style body-snatching. I don’t think it’s likely we’ll see a post-death Snoke, but we can’t say it’s impossible.