Analysis: The Last Jedi Trailer #2 and our adventures with misdirection

I’m convinced there are (at least) two big misdirects in The Last Jedi trailer. But that’s not all! Stills, GIFs and the obligatory gallery under the cut.

The first – and arguably the more subtle of the two – is the sequence where Kylo Ren is attacking a Rebel ship in his TIE Silencer. It’s intercut with Leia, but the background of her scene doesn’t seem to match – the Resistance crewmembers are strolling around far too calmly for Kylo’s active battle situation, even if we assume the battle footage and the cockpit footage are the same scene. Let’s go to the gifs:

Kylo’s expressions – that’s why they hired Adam Driver, folks – do make me believe that Leia is a factor, though it could be (WILD SPECULATION ALERT) him deciding to turn against Snoke. One of those two seem to be the most likely to inspire that kind of conflict, at least at this point, and given we also see him going KYLO SMASH on his helmet….

The second misdirect – and the one I went for last night – is the ending scene. I’m far from alone in pointing this out, but I absolutely believe those are two different bits cut together. Rey is still in her end-of-The Force Awakens vest and triple ponytail, while Kylo is missing his carbon-fiber looking bandage. The backgrounds don’t match – Rey’s is completely dark, Kylo’s is sparking – and the coloring is just slightly different.

I’m guessing they’re from completely different parts of the film – Rey’s from the beginning, and Kylo’s from nearer the middle or end. Perhaps Rey is talking to Luke – or even Chewbacca, before Luke decides to give her a chance? And in that case, maybe we’ve already seen the setting:

Which isn’t to say they don’t join forces at some point – how else is Rey going to get aboard Snoke’s ultra mega battle ship? – but I wouldn’t count those chickens just yet.

More observations in the gallery, as is traditional: