An Adventure With George Lucas in Chicago

The Forcecast’s Jimmy Mac was on hand for last night’s Gene Siskel Film Center event honoring The Maker in Chicago. He returns with photos and an interview with Lucas.

There doesn’t seem to be much from the press on the event yet, but Francis Ford Coppola has good words about George at MTV, and Red Tails actor Tristan Wilds talks him up over at IGN.

4 Replies to “An Adventure With George Lucas in Chicago”

  1. Nice to see that he and Melanie (Melody?) are still together. :)

    Wow. Another animated series. Joys.

  2. When GL says “series,” do we know if he means a new show (as it’s defined in the US), or as a new season of the same show (as it’s defined everywhere else)?

  3. I want to think the second, but he probably means the first… Saw mention of a show for even younger kids (embryos?) on the TFN boards. They claim that info came from the Forcecast as well, but… Grr. I’m sorry, when did we cease to type important quotes/rumors?

    Of course, it is just some random person on the TFN boards, so I’m not about to back-listen to weeks worth of podcasts. Particularly if it just ends up to be a show for the Blue’s Clues set.

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