Abrams tells the ‘truth’ behind Kylo Ren’s helmet stand

tfa-kylo-ashesIn a striking blow to absurdity, J.J. Abrams tells Entertainment Weekly that the dusty substance Kylo Ren places his helmet on in The Force Awakens isn’t Millicent the cat’s litter box, but some emo ‘ashes of his enemies’ bullshit. Fandom is disappointed in you, Abrams. Millicent is disappointed in you.

Next up: Kylo’s dark side secret for avoiding helmet hair? We can but hope.

6 Replies to “Abrams tells the ‘truth’ behind Kylo Ren’s helmet stand”

  1. For galaxy’s sake. Smoke save the cat!
    ..and feed the trash compactor with all your other Moof-Milkers

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