Abrams: Don’t fear a ‘Disneyfication’ of Star Wars

J.J. Abrams on The Tavis Smiley ShowJ.J. Abrams appeared on PBS’s The Tavis Smiley Show, and of course he talks a bit about both Star Trek and Star Wars… and addresses the fears that some fans seem to have that Disney is planning on remaking the franchise in their own image. As transcribed by Comic Book Therapy:

The beauty there is Disney doesn’t want that. They are well aware of this and they are very careful to make sure that…they are sensitive to that. They don’t want that at all, that’s the last thing they want. But that company, which is Marvel, they have…it’s incredible the scale of that company. They are as aware of that as anyone.

You can watch the show on PBS.org, though it seems to be a bit overloaded at the moment.

4 Replies to “Abrams: Don’t fear a ‘Disneyfication’ of Star Wars”

  1. Well, I believe him. Disney is more than just the famous cartoons – it’s a company responsible for countless entertainment properties for every imaginable audience.

    Star Wars will stay at same tone it has all these years, just as Marvel did. They’ll be stuff for kids, stuff for adults, and stuff everyone can enjoy.

    Now, will the quality be maintained when films are going to be churned out indefinitely? That’s another matter entirely …

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