Aaron Allston Released from the Hospital

Happy news!  Aaron Allston has been released from the hospital after an entirely-too-long stay for a heart bypass.

(Big kudos to the 501st Star Garrison for all their help and support.  If anyone has needed anything, someone’s there to solve it in an instant.)

A reminder that Aaron’s friends are trying to help him cover the costs of this hospital stay.  Please help out, if you can.

4 Replies to “Aaron Allston Released from the Hospital”

  1. i’m very happy to find out from clubjade.net that
    aaron allston is released from the hospital 4 a very long stay, i hope he’ll write and continue his SW work sooner or later , but right now, i know he has 2 relax and take it very easy…maybe write what he spent how long in a hospital..a very great idea? Or

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