A second look: X-Wing books not out of print

Mike Stackpole is back with another blog entry — and information from Random House. Good news: His X-Wing books aren’t out of print after all, and they continue to sell “between 30 and 40 books a week.” Bad news: The publishing industry has some seriously wacky practices. But chances are you already knew that.

I still think it would be nice to see them repackaged as compilations, though.

2 Replies to “A second look: X-Wing books not out of print”

  1. i work at an independent bookstore, and was trying to figure out why we couldn’t get the earlier x-wing novels back in stock. our wholesaler is out and informs us to apply direct. though it’s nice to see it’s not out of print, it is currently increasingly hard for independent booksellers to get them back in stock, and hence, to the hands of the readers.

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