A peek at Hallmark’s 2012 Star Wars ornaments

Big thanks to Rach, who grabbed this screencap from the Keepsake catalog. (Hallmark’s horrible web interface for it is currently locked to members.) We’ll have a closer look later when it goes live for all, but this should give you a pretty good idea.

7 Replies to “A peek at Hallmark’s 2012 Star Wars ornaments”

  1. Saw this 2012 line-up at NYCC last year. The Maul ornament has a terrible sculpt (stick with the 2000 edition instead) and the Grievous just seems off. The Tauntaun and LEGO Stormie are the must-have’s from this release (LEGO Vader is a carry-over from 2011).

  2. Yes, that looks incredibly similar to a Maul ornament that I already have from Hallmark. Other stuff is pretty cool though.

  3. I like the Interceptor, but then again, I’m a sucker for TIE variants. Can’t say that any of the others is doing it for me. Oh well…we can’t have something as cool as the Disney Nautilus every year, I guess.

  4. I have collected all the SW ornaments, and many of them seem very similar to some released years before. This Maul is really close to another one, but being a completist, I will get it anyway.

  5. Every year I hope they make a Jabba the Hutt ornament; and every year I’m left disappointed…

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