A closer look at Kotobukiya’s Mara Jade

Kotobukiya's Mara Jade ARTFX Bishoujo StatueKotobukiya's Mara Jade ARTFX Bishoujo Statue

Thanks to @ASMzine for pointing out that Kotobukiya has posted official pics and details of their Mara Jade Bishoujo statue. Her cape is removable and she comes with two lightsabers – the Imperial purple and the blue legacy one that Luke gives her in The Last Command.

The statue is 9 inches tall and will be available in May.

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  1. If they want to keep using that costume, they might want to retcon her secret wrist blaster, though. I would suggest to turn it either into a secret boot vibroknife or a – not quite so secret – twin breast cannon… *cough*

    Apart from that, I might actually buy this statue. While I think that manga is something between an abomination and a serious artistic defect, the hair and stance make the doll face rather bearable. I mean, I would prefer a good old-fashioned Gentle Giant bust, but this will do for the moment.

  2. When they first announced this statue, I feared the worst – an overly-sexualized Mara. What we got is thankfully not that. I think it’s rather well done, considering the style that they are intending. Yeah, it’s a bit cutesy, her wedgie would make it dang hard to move, and don’t mention those freakin’ heels. But I like that she comes with both sabers, and I’m intrigued that they went with blue as opposed to black with the suit (and I’m telling my brain to SHUT UP WITH THE CANON). I feared we’d have a Mara-undressing statue like Jaina.

    I suppose we should be thankful for three new Mara products since Celebration VI… even if one of them has one of the worst head/hair sculpts ever. I’m looking at YOU, Black Series Mara.

  3. I’m a bit surprised but I actually like this. Ok, it’s the catsuit – but I doubt anything but a Mara appearance in a motionpicture can give us any chance of replacing that… And ok, her hair is loose and her face is cutesy as Phil says, but the style is so perky that I can’t quite mind – and she’s not wihtout edge.

  4. I bet some fan artist out there could/will do a stunning repaint of the face if they wanted to. But this is 1000x better than the Black Series figure.

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