A better look at Ahsoka’s new outfit

We’ve already seen some of it, but Underwire has an exclusive look at the rest. I still say anything that’s not a tube top is an improvement, but I don’t doubt that some will disagree, particularly on the ‘less revealing’ part. Your thoughts?

UPDATE: Ahsoka’s not the only one getting a new look: Obi-Wan and Anakin are also debuting new, if far less dramatic, ensembles.

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  1. Much better.

    Slightly off topic: The Wired writer needs his geek creds pulled.

    “The wardrobe upgrade is overdue: Nearly two years ago, Wired.com complained about Ahsoka’s tube-top-and-miniskirt costume, which was strangely revealing in light of the fact that most Jedis rock full-length robes, even on the desert hell of Tattooine.”

    Tatooine has one T. One. ;-)

  2. I like it. I’m not sure about the cutouts on the leggings, but anything’s better than the tube top (how did that thing stay on? Force powers?) and those schoolgirl tights.

    Barriss and Luminara’s costumes are still my favorite prequel Jedi wear though.

  3. The horrible part that nobody’s talking about is that the tube top hasn’t gone away… it’s just now going to be worn by Obi-Wan.

  4. I love the new outfit, it’s far more in line with I’ve come to expect from Star Wars in the light of the Jedi’s moral values.

    The new outfit is more chic and trendy also!

  5. What’s strange to me is that everyone is talking about the wardrobe change, and no one is talking about the other differences to the model. She looks a bit older, both in the face and in the body. That, to me, is a bigger deal.

  6. Also must add, what about Aayla Secura? I don’t remember all this moral outrage about her outfit (which we first saw in episode 2).

  7. Nice. I really like the new outift, with one exception. Like Annalee, I don’t really like the cutouts on the legs. What on earth is the point of those?

    And I think you’re right Wedge, her face does look a little different. It could just be me, but It think they are trying to make her look older.

    All in all, it’s cool to see both hers and Obi-Wan’s costumes change. I wonder if and when they’ll switch Anakin’s costume.

  8. I think people have a bit too much time on their hands. I mean, I know that me saying that is a classic “pot-kettle-black” moment, but still…it’s a shirt. Its’ a new shirt.

  9. Yup, in the middle of season three, she’s not only wearing a little more, she’s also clearly gotten older. She is taller than in season one and her shoulders are finally not pointy and weird anymore.

    Her new outfit may be less revealing, but it is still pretty evocative since it highlights her cleavage, but then she’s not 14 anymore, she’s almost 18, so it’s not as questionable.

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