$4000?? Oh yes, I am scoffing at Frames

Jedi News has the price-points for the glorified screenshot book Star Wars Frames, and they’re more ridiculous than I would ever have imagined. The higher (??) your edition is, the more you pay, but the cheapest edition is still $4000.

Frames pricing is as follows:

BATCH A (#1 – #250) $4,000
BATCH B (#251 – #500) $4,250
BATCH C (#501 – #750) $4,500
BATCH D (#751 ā€“ #1,000) $4,750
BATCH E (#1,001 ā€“ #1,138) $5,000

So basically, one copy of Frames is worth anywhere from 12.5 to 10 Lego Death Stars. (Which doesn’t exactly cost chimp change.) And you have to assemble the Death Star yourself.

6 Replies to “$4000?? Oh yes, I am scoffing at Frames

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me! That is a ridiculous price for a book; even if it is specially picked out by George and limited edition.

    I am totally not liking the current trends in “upper end” collectibles. It used to be one or two items made it about the $1,000 mark. Now if you attach that moniker to it, you’re talking at least $2,500.

    And all the good stuff is “upper end.”

    A sucky, sucky trend.

  2. I wonder if this will be the tipping point where even the crazy-rich collectors throw in the towel. I mean, I though that $2000 Falcon was silly, but at least it was legitimately kinda neat. I don’t care how beautifully these are printed and bound, that price is ridiculous.

  3. oh God, they should be ashamed of themselves, it’s beyond ridiculous… Lucasfilm likes to make MONEY, and it shows… freakin pathetic.

  4. They only need 1,138 fans with more money than sense to completely sell the run and make over five million bucks gross.

    You can’t tell me they won’t find that many rich idiots.

  5. For $4000 you can buy:

    1. 1080p HD TV
    2. Blu-ray Player
    3. The entire set of Star Wars films on BR

    And you’ll still have $2k+ left over for beer and pretzels.

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