30th anniversary not over yet…

Cover of the 2007 Comic-Con Souvenir Book? None other than Luke, Leia, and Han by Adam Hughes. Every character is wearing an outfit from a different movie… Leia, of course, gets ROTJ. Fanboys.

6 Replies to “30th anniversary not over yet…”

  1. And Broox just pointed out to me that the guy in the Obi-Wan outfit looks like Steve…

  2. Oh, my gawd. That is Mary and Steve! Freaky cool.

    Dragon*Con should be embarrassed. Several of us harassed them to make this year’s cover Star Wars. Now their biggest competition has done it.

    Silly kids.

  3. No. Her boobs look okay to me. But there is some odd shadowing that I could see throwing you off.

    And why am I looking at Leia’s boobs?! Guys? Isn’t this for you to weigh in on? LOL

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