26 more episodes of Legend of Korra coming

Well, lo and behold, Nickelodeon has ordered more Legend of Korra! The 26 episodes, which Entertainment Weekly is calling a second season, are in addition to the 14 episodes (Book 2, presumably?) that will air early next year.

Book 1, which concluded last month, averaged 3.8 million viewers an episode, occasionally beating such fare as Game of Thrones.

UPDATE: Co-creator Bryan Konietzko explains seasons and books.

4 Replies to “26 more episodes of Legend of Korra coming”

  1. Awesome! loved book 1 but wasn’t completely happy about there being just 2 books in total. Good to know a lot more is on the way!

  2. YAY!

    I know a lot of folks who feel like the end of book one was rushed, and for the most part I agree. But I’m still really excited to see more of Korra. (Also of Lin Bei Fong, badass extraordinaire).

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