2008 in review: A lot of Ts

Jade hypocrisy!

StarWars.com has their Best of 2008 up. Of course there’s the obligatory geeking out over the obligatory Big Events like The Force Unleashed and The Clone Wars. All the Expanded Universe stuff is together for easy access (Plus Frames, because it is a book, sort of, so where else can it go?) On the fandom end, Rusty Miller gets a nice chunk and DIYers get a highlight.

As for Club Jade, this was a pretty good year. We had our first JadeCon since 2006 and it was fabulous!

And this was a very good year for the blog. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve hit our stride. Big thanks as ever go out to Paula, for her fantastic Gate Geek posts and boundless enthusiasm. JawaJames did a great job on the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coverage. Eliz hit it out of the park with her posts and photos covering JadeCon’s Project Runway. Additional thanks to Yav, SirRogue, SithSpit, HollywdLiz, SueD, NanLuz, Blu, and Hlynn!

And also? Our readers. There are a lot more of you this year (hits have doubled!) and a lot more of you commenting. I continue to be amazed by you guys! Thanks also go out to everyone who linked us – StarWars.com, TheForce.net, Wookieepedia, EU Cantina, Jedi News and everyone else!

And just for the hell of it, under the cut are out top ten posts of 2008… At least according to hits! Behold the power of referral link (TFN, Digg, Gizmodo) and Google (biggest keywords: fate of the jedi, robot chicken star wars 2, ashoka tano.)

  1. Upcoming: From the secret files of LucasBooks
  2. Did you miss Robot Chicken Star Wars II?
  3. Fan Art: Steampunk Star Wars from Björn Hurri
  4. Super simple, super cute Star Wars dolls
  5. Video: Fett takes his passion and makes it happen
  6. Rumors: Fate of the Jedi and Christie Golden
  7. Force Unleashed toy spoilers!
  8. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia: Look at the size of that thing!
  9. LOTF week: Invincible giveaway!
  10. Carve a geeky pumpkins for Halloween!

Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!

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  1. Not a problem– Keep up the great work, guys! From all of us at EUC, Happy New Year, Club Jade and continued success you will have : )

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