You’ve never heard of the Millennium Fusion? Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Feb. 18-24

@kenleyyoung: I was just asked if I could make a fast @Target run. "Fast? I'm in a car that made the last Target run in less than 12 parsecs."

Last week, we all made the Kessel Run, one lost soul sees the light, or at least the proper way to spell ‘Lucasfilm’ and the Oscars were nigh-irrelevant to our interests! (Business as usual, basically.) All this and more below the cut.

Best #StarWars tweets for Feb. 18-24

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I was just asked if I could make a fast @Target run. "Fast? I’m in a car that made the last Target run in less than 12 parsecs."Kenley Young
Do you ever wonder if when Luke Skywalker gets a heavy-breathing prank call that at first he’s like, "Dad?"Adam Urbane
All this time I’ve thought Lucasfilm had a capital F. My life has been a lie.Rebecca Pahle
Another lost soul sees the light! Hallelujah!
NASA just talked about the importance of a "fully-operational space station" #StarWars #NASASocialOri Hoffer
I love working at a place where telling a coworker "you’ve failed me for the last time" isn’t an HR violation. #StarWarsMatt Martin
Don’t get mad, freeze the bastards in carbonite like Han Solo.Luke Romyn
The Oscars… happened.
"Qui-Gon Jinn is wearing a tuxedo. WEIRD." << My Kid just now. #StarWars #OscarsjustJENN designs
Fitting tribute to the #StarWars master, Ralph McQuarrie in the Oscar’s ‘In Memorium’ segment. #LegendaryILM Visual Effects

Watching the movies

My neighbors must wonder why they hear the #StarWars theme below them all the time. #sorrynotsorryAlyssa Vidales
When Chewbacca and Obi-Wan are talking at the cantina, I wonder if they’re discussing the fact that they both know Yoda.Mike Ryan
Han Solo loves me this I know, because the scruffy nerf herder told me so. #JediHymnsDerek White
It annoys me that whenever I mention "the 1st Star Wars movie" I have to clarify I mean the 1977 one, not the prequels. #whathaveyoudoneGLFaith Erin Hicks
The Star Wars prequels are important! Because if I ever need reference for the movement of very wide sleeves, I just need stare at Obi-Wan.Dan Shive

Episode VII and the rest

Let’s start a rumor that Khan is in Star Wars: Episode VIICharlie Jane Anders
I hope that any new #StarWars film will address @Yoda’s dyslexia instead of making it a "joke" or "character quirk."Roy Bragg
I’m not sure I agree that the Star Wars universe is constructed as a male space. 1) Expanded Universe and 2) That universe can be revised.starfishncoffee
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is doing Quest for the Crystal Mickey. So THAT’S why Disney bought Lucasfilm.Mike Maihack
I like to be cynical because it’s kinda funny sometimes but guess what? The idea of Mark Hamill returning to Star Wars makes me smile.Scott Weinberg
I’m so used to hearing the word "prequels" regarding to #StarWars , that the word "sequels" sounds weird now, but also very welcome!Eliot Sirota
.@Cowboy_Dev The 2025 remake of The Empire Strikes Back. Princess Leia: "Han, wait. I has a feels 4 U." Han Yolo: "TMI"Zac Bertschy
Let’s have Joel Edgerton return as Owen Lars before he became a farmer. His team goes to invade Jabba’s palace in ZERO HUTT THIRTY.Alan Cerny

The Expanded Universe

While watching a rerun of Big Bang Theory our eagle-eyed publicist spotted a copy of Revan by @DrewKarpyshyn #SWEU
…Of course the guys on BBT would read TOR novels. Of course.
I think the number of people who knew I was Mara Jade at Katsu in my non-canon outfit means the catsuit isn’t necessary at all.Bria
In the words of one fanboy: "A feisty red head with a blaster and lightsaber? Obviously you’re Mara Jade!"Bria
Discussion about Star Wars with my wife just ended with us talking about why Tenel Ka never got a robot laser arm. I love my wife a lot.Brian
I’m convinced that Bel Iblis and Pellaeon had monthly dejarik games post-peace and you can’t tell me otherwise. #WaruExpressBria
Does the expanded universe have any stories where Luke goes crazy? I’d really like to see Mark Hamill use his Joker voice in live action.Jeramey Kraatz

Star Wars life

Backyard Hoth, asked my son what he was doing, and he started moaning "Ben?" I got to be Han. #starwars @theforcenet Karavlan
We have turned this house upside down looking for missing #starwars toys. We can not find the droids we are looking for.Ashley
Watching "The People Vs. George Lucas." Hyper-fandom, I breathe you in. I know you all too well. #starwarsRyan Penagos
This is what happens when my husband buys his own clothes. #starwars Knapp Schubert
I believe there’s hope for the human race when women keep stealing my #starwars t-shirts…Bo Mobley
Luke, I am your mother. However, my lungs are full of dust and phlegm, so my voice has dropped about an octave. #starwarsMara
This is on my mom’s vacuum. Seriously, WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN?! And why is Princess Leia angry? Spagnola
Who among you, when you see Neiman Marcus, now read "#Neimoidian Marcus?" #starwarsLizzimoidian


It wasn’t until @RalphGarman did his George Lucas impression that I realized that Lucas sounds a lot like Kermit the Frog.Sean McMahon
Luke Skywalker was a ‘moisture farmer’ on Tatooine. Yeah. Look, I don’t know what that is exactly, but it sounds kinda slutty.The Shark Knight
If I ever win the lottery (which I don’t play) I’m opening up that #StarWars themed restauraunt chain called Admiral Snackbar. #justsayinMatt Davis
Ewok designers, you have one night to make a dress from the materials on hand fit for a visiting Princess. Make it work. cc: @jamesjawaPablo Hidalgo

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