Win a copy of Backlash from Aaron Allston

Aaron will be giving away an autographed and personalized copy of next week’s release to the person who can guess the below:

So, what’s the contest? I sometimes imagine a specific actor or actress when I’m writing a character. It can be useful to see specific expressions characteristic of that performer, to hear dialogue in the exact voice of an individual. Such was the case when I was writing the Admiral Daala character in Outcast and Backlash, especially the former. Guess who the actress I was envisioning when writing Daala and the copy is yours.

Head over to for a couple of hints – and how to enter.

6 Replies to “Win a copy of Backlash from Aaron Allston”

  1. I’m going to guess Olivia Williams (Adele from Dollhouse), even though I hear her as the voice in Mara in my head. I could see her working as Daala, too.

  2. I’m going to guess Lena Headey from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I know the site said that the cover art might not look anything like the actress, but I haven’t read Allston’s Daala yet. I’ve got to stick with what I know, right?

  3. Had it not been for the timeframe, I’d have said Candice Bergen from Boston Legal, because she would be the ultimate Daala. :-D

  4. I always picture Claudia Christian (Commander Ivanova from Babylon 5) whenever I read Daala, no matter who has written the novel. So I’m going to go with her.

  5. I’m thinking Michelle Forbes. Her Galactica character wasn’t as bright as Daala, but was almost as nasty.

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