Well, something is happening on StarWars.com

Just another Clone Wars Flash front piece, though… It’s pretty extensive, with actual content, including some pretty nice galleries (TFN spotted a pink R2,) a sharpshooter game, and more ‘coming soon’… But if you’re hoping for something other than The Clone Wars, no cigarra. Still, at least now we know they’re not just sitting around playing the new Grand Theft Auto.

I wouldn’t click that link at work, though – at least not before you mute your speakers.

4 Replies to “Well, something is happening on StarWars.com”

  1. I hadn’t realized Ahsoka had a Databank entry. Was that slipped in there without an update notification?

    Have we also gotten our first peek at the film’s soundtrack? Interesting. And as with much about this film, I wonder how it’ll carry over into the TV series….

    ‘Sharpshooter’ is fun-ish, though it’s no GTA or Spore. :) (I liked the micro-series game–where’d it go? Hm.)

  2. Probably. I think folks in chat were talking mysterious Databank updates.

    I went half-heartedly looking for the Tartakovsky micro-series section a month or so ago and everything redirected me to the 3-D stuff. ::shrug::

  3. Yeah–and it’s not just the micro-series, everything related to the original Clone Wars multimedia project is gone. I reckon they’re scared of newcomers getting confused.

    “No no, see, that was ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars.’ This is ‘Star Wars: THE Clone Wars.’ Totally different.”

    Remember when Yoda’s Ep. II line was changed from “Begun, this clone war has” (in one of the trailers) to “Begun, the clone war has”? That always bugs me. I always thought “this” made more sense. But I suppose “the” works nicely with their latest branding.

    But anyway–even if the old CW section was gone, I’d expect that game (“Planetary Forces” or something) to still be listed under Kids > Games. Nope.

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