Video: Watchmen opening credits and a spoof

The opening sequence of Watchmen is pretty fantastic: It lays out some of the background of the movie’s world of alternate history and costumed heroes. Made me pretty hopeful to see the movie!

UPDATE 2: Here you go, Googlers.

UPDATE: Okay, so all the Watchmen credit sequences have been copyrighted to death – you can check Youtube to see if you can catch one before the lawyers do, or check out a couple of stills at Cleolinda’s, though they really can’t do it justice. (Which is a shame, because it was awesome publicity… The video was all over yesterday, and it’s not like it’s going to ‘spoil’ anyone. Corporations, go figure.)

Below the cut, something that would really make Alan Moore cry.

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  1. No…no…no. This movie was bad. We left at intermission. Yes, here in Germany a long movie gets intermission. We were not the only ones that left either. Half the crowd just went out into the lobby and kept walking to their cars. Seriously, I don’t need to see blue balls in my movies. Seriously. Or dribbling guts or whatever else that was. Producer: You owe me 1 hour 26 minutes of my life back. Oh and eight euro, fifty cents.

  2. I’m hearing all sorts of mixed reviews. But I have read the comic so I have a general idea of how it’s gonna go.

  3. This movie was awesome and the opening titles were a great way to pack in some history, set to a perfect choice of song. The whole movie had an awesome soundtrack.
    Movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea. it’s a different take on superheros and certainly not one you’d want your kids seeing. But i really enjoyed it.

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