Video: Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

Today is one of those days that the collective internet loses its shit over a comic book movie trailer… On the other hand, I wasn’t a big fan of the whiny Raimi versions, so this already looks like an improvement? (The power of Emma Stone compels you!) And does Andrew Garfield look a lot like Hayden Christensen or am I hallucinating? (The Celebrity Genome Project lives!)

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  1. Wow. Color me 100% uninterested. I grew up reading Spider-Man but haven’t been able to get back into it in years. I enjoyed the first Raimi movie, but mostly because it was the first “good” comic book movie in a long time back when it came out.
    This new “reboot” looks like they mailed it in just for the sake of trying to keep the Spider-Man name alive in Hollywood. I don’t think Spider-Man at all when I see Garfield, especially with that hair. The costume is bland as well. Overally, I’m incredibly underwhelmed by this.

  2. I keep wondering why people think Andrew Garfield looks like Hayden Christensen. I don’t think so except maybe at a distance. I think it might be his build and the shape of his face or something but his actual facial features are very different to me.

  3. (Paula, would you use a last initial or something next time you post? We have another Paula and I wouldn’t want anyone getting confused, thanks!)

    I also thought Garfield and Arnie Hammer were the same guy and couldn’t figure out why he looked so different in two different movies (the Julie Roberts Snow White being the other one) until this morning, so YMMV.

    (No, I haven’t seen The Social Network.)

  4. The visuals look pretty lame, not even as convincing as the original trilogy’s, which is saying a lot. Also, I can’t really get excited about this version of the Spidey story. All the spy intrigue and S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff just bugs me. That being said, Garfield is a great choice and I like the bright color scheme they went with. Also, web-shooters and The Lizard = epic yes. Who knows, maybe it will be good?

  5. I just finished reading some interviews with Stone and the director in the comic-con mailer, and the focus on Parker as an orphan not knowing his parents is an interesting and new angle to take.

  6. I didn’t like the Raimi trilogy at all. I’m interested in this in the sense that I enjoy a good superhero movie (like Iron Man). I’ll see it. I feel like it could work for me.

  7. I liked the first two of the Raimi trilogy, fail on the third considering he had Venom to work with.

    I’m 0% interested in going to see a reboot of a fairly recent trilogy. I don’t understand the thinking on redoing it so soon. Roll on the avengers.

  8. Been a spidey reader and fan since the mid-70’s, although stopped collecting comics about 4 years ago due to the exorbitant costs of being a Star wars fan!
    Loved the John Romita Jr era and Garfield looks so much like that Peter it’s scary, so for that I’m keen. Plus Emma Stone is in it (I could totally have a Jim Carrey moment about her) and the whole tone looks spot on to me.
    And FINALLY, a wise-cracking Spidey!
    Yep, big-time excited. After The Avengers this is the film I’m looking forward to the most this year.

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