Video: The Clone Wars trailer

I haven’t a clue why the new The Clone Wars trailer that aired yesterday isn’t up at yet, but you can watch it (clearly, without Polish) online now thanks to io9.

UPDATE: And they probably got it from Yahoo, where you can nab the HD version. (Thanks, Corran Fett!)

UPDATE 2: And now it’s on, which also got a bit of an index makeover.

UPDATE 3: Embedded!

3 Replies to “Video: The Clone Wars trailer”

  1. Any word on the cast? There’s no cast listing on I’m curious because one of my all-time favorite voice actresses played Padmé in the Cartoon Network Clone War series, and I’m wondering if she’s in this one?

  2. Kelly: I’ve heard they’re reusing a lot of the voice cast, but nothing officially.

    Corran Fett: I forgot about Yahoo! Thanks!

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