Video Monday: All-Trek Edition

I’m late today, sorry. My teleporter broke. Hopefully this vast array of Star Trek videos will make up for my tardiness. (Hey, it’s forty years. I can give them a video post.)

The Kirk/Spock ‘Closer’ fanvid that’s burning up the internets. Yup, that’s the fandom that invented slash… Like you had any doubts.

Shatner’s infamous “Get a Life” clip from Saturday Night Live.

Nerf Herder sings about Mr. Spock. FANDOM BETRAYERS! Erm, good show, mates!

Betty White roasts William Shatner. Who knew that sweet little old lady could be so dirty?

Funny commercial for Star Trek: Enterprise.

Of course, no collection of videos is complete without a Monty Python mashup.

These Trek highlights from Youtube user m185874 are not be missed. He has uploaded fanvids from other series – most notably Babylon5 – that promise to be at least half as hilarious as these:
Bohemian Rhapsody
I Will Survive
I’m Too Sexy
The Time Warp

And, of course… KHHAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!