Video: Behind the scenes of Return of the Jedi

This (soundless) documentary by Jeff Broz was shot on 8mm in Buttercup Valley during the filming of Return of the Jedi. It’s pretty nifty – you see most of the principal actors (and/or their stunt doubles?) at one point or another. (via)

Can you imagine anyone getting this close to a set on a huge movie like this today?

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  1. Great footage! Does anyone recognize the name of the filmmaker? I didn’t find him on IMDb or anywhere else for that matter, but he can’t have been a nobody, can he?

  2. if any jaders want to go out to the site, i’ve been to the location in buttercup valley, and can lead a caravan. will need 4×4 vehicles though. you can still find bits of the set – rather than cart off the sail barge and sarlacc pit to the dump, they simply broke it up and buried it.

  3. They buried it?! Wow — they could’ve used it to stage the plot for one of the new Indiana Jones films!

  4. not quite as famous as the buried set of De Mille’s The Ten Commandments…. maybe there is a prop ark of the covenant there ;)

  5. Very, very cool. Guy got some great shots, and I love that the sails on the top of the barge actually furled up.

    It seems so strange, though, to watch something that was so obviously shot on Eight but not be listening to projector clatter.

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