Updates on Knight Errant, Lost Tribe of the Sith and more from John Jackson Miller

While it has been previously announced that John Jackson Miller’s ebook novella series, Lost Tribe of the Sith will be collected in a print anthology, more details emerged about the series in an author chat hosted by Del Rey’s Star Wars Books Facebook account. Both Miller and Del Rey reps confirmed the following schedule for the (free) digital releases:

  • Part Six: “Sentinel” – Februray 21, 2011
  • Part Seven: “Pantheon” – July 19, 2011
  • Part Eight: “Secrets” – March 8, 2012
  • Print collection – August 2012, and it will contain an additional “long” story.

The concept of the overall series is that the first four form the Founders tetralogy (how the lost tribe started from some stranded “middle-managers in the cause of evil”), and the second four fit into the Darker Times, while the new material will help show how the tribe evolved from to closer to what is encountered in the Fate of the Jedi series.

And in very early phases of Knight Errant, there might have been some sort of Twilighty romance between Kerra Holt and Lord Daiman, but scrapped as the characters developed – since Daiman’s really only in love with himself, and Kerra is just way too busy trying to stay alive and help those around her. Pitched from Dark Horse to Miller as a “lone female Jedi”, Miller envisioned Kerra traveling solo like the Lone Ranger, even without a sidekick or droid Tonto.

Going back to Miller’s work on the Knights of the Old Republic, he mentioned that the charming con artist Gryph was originally supposed to be an Ortolan, like Max Rebo, before being changed to a Snivvian. Zayne Carrick’s last name connects back to Miller’s college dorm room.

4 Replies to “Updates on Knight Errant, Lost Tribe of the Sith and more from John Jackson Miller”

  1. i will be crushed too, but i also see the great potential for ebooks – one benefit is that there is now a medium that can support individual short stories and novellas, like the Lost Tribe series.

  2. Oh, there are definitely all sorts of benefits to ebooks. I like the opening it gives for new writers. And the faster movement of stories into the world is also awesome.

    I suspect I’ll like them better when I invest in something larger like an iPad or Kindle or Nook.

  3. my wife got a Nook color for Christmas and thinks it is marvelous. Not only can she buy books from B&N, she can also get Google ebooks from our favorite local independent bookstore’s website. Plus it has Pandora for music and a web browser. in a few months, they plan to unlock greater Android functionality for it, to allow users access to more apps. I read the Lost Tribe ebooks on it.

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