Upcoming Joe Schreiber book gets another title

NJOE spotted a new title for Joe Schreiber’s next Star Wars novel over at Random House: Red Harvest.

The novel’s previous title, Black Orchid, was nixed somewhere along the line for sounding “like a romance novel.” I don’t see how yet another riff on the already-tired Blue Harvest thing is an improvement, so here’s hoping this turns out to be a placeholder. (via)

6 Replies to “Upcoming Joe Schreiber book gets another title”

  1. It would help if I got the original title right… It was Black Orchid.

    Flowers = girls = romance? Who knows.

  2. So they are harvesting black orchids, and then they all get hay fever and start to run amok, thereby reddening said harvest? That’s gonna be a real page-turner, mesa thinks. *lol*

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