7 Replies to “Trailer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. That was more a comment on how cruddy movies have been this summer (except maybe you, Toy Story 3) than HP itself. Though the HP movies have been a bit up and down. Though the last one was probably one of the best. IMO, anyway.

  2. I am very giddy over this trailer. It looks awesome!

    I know a lot of people weren’t pleased with the last one, but I rather enjoyed it. It didn’t do complete justice to the book, but it was still a good movie.

    And yes, I haven’t really heard of any film really capturing everyone, this summer.

  3. Are we going to have any of Ron’s awesomeness scenes, or does Hermione get all his good parts as per usual? I am unclear from the trailer.

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